Benford UV announces KBA Karat retrofit ability

UV and IR drying/curing system manufacturer Benford UV has said that it can now retro fit UV curing units to KBA Karat digital machines.

The Buckinghamshire-based company retrofitted an interdeck and end-of-press UV drying system on a KBA Karat 74 four-colour and coater for used digital press supplier Digipressfinder, which the two companies believe is a world-first.

Digipressfinder has already placed an order for a second UV dryer to be added to one of its machines.

Benford sales manager Ron Ryan told PrintWeek that he believes this is something that users of Karat presses would benefit from.

He said: “Adding the UV dryer will allow Karat owners to use UV ink, which drys a lot quicker than conventional methods. It will simply put more on the list of things that the press is capable of doing.

“We are seeing a lot of retrofit jobs in this country and obviously this is a niche area for us, but it is something that should appeal to some.”

Ryan added that he saw the US as a major area of growth for the product, where there are around 300 Karat machines, but said there were a number of UK companies using the press.