Indiana Printer Installs Dual UV Curing Retrofit on Heidelberg CD 102 Press

WYCOMBE, United Kingdom – August 13, 2018 – Indiana printer Mossberg & Co., based in South Bend, Ind., undertook a UV retrofit on their Heidelberg CD 102 press installing Benford’s Dual UV technology.

Mossberg & Co. made the investment for a new UV system to replace an existing drying system. “Our pressmen were already trained in UV printing so we had no issues moving to another system,” said Chris Ziegelmaier, of Mossberg & Co. “Benford took measurements of our machine and all the components were quickly installed and fitted, with minimal downtime.”

The Dual UV system incorporates eco and conventional UV technology, curing the latest low energy UV inks and coatings, whilst still being able to cure traditional UV consumables. “The Benford UV system allows us to run more custom applications and have better flexibility on our press. We are pulling through many different substrates including difficult to print plastics such as clear, white and silver.” Chris continues, “We have been able to specialise our UV methods which is giving us better contrast on our print.”

Dual UV“Since the retrofit, we have been able to cure better, increase the contrast from gloss to dull and significantly increase the up time due to the reliability of the UV system.” Chris concludes, “They made the installation look easy and we have been extremely happy with the results.”

“Dual UV systems provide the flexibility our clients desire,” says Marc Boden from Benford UV. “We are really happy with the results at Mossberg where they have printed many UV effects and on numerous substrates. It was a pleasure to work with such an established company.”

Source: Benford UV

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