What can UV Printing Provide?

All companies look to improve business through investment. This is of course the same in the printing and packaging industries where competition is high and offering the best products with a great service is vital.

A recent survey conducted through Print Monthly’s website asks printers what printing technology would be there next business investment. Almost 60% of respondents voted that they would be investing in offset litho printers as a way to further business. Printers know that this investment is costly and time consuming with most new presses costing over a million of capital. This investment does bring the great benefits of improving the effectiveness of operations, bettering quality, broadening the product portfolio whilst reducing overhead costs.

There is an alternative to this investment…..


UV systems retrofitted to presses offer similar advantages to printers at a fraction of the cost. UV technology is not new, the technology has been around since the 1960s, through time adapting and becoming more effective with the introduction of eco-UV (low energy mercury lamps) and LED-UV.

The market for faster turnaround print jobs is booming. UV provides the tools to give businesses a significant opportunity to compete in this market. From the customer demands in faster turnaround, you need to have to tools to provide this. Some printers have invested in digital printers to meet this demand. They do achieve faster turnaround, but at higher costs to printing and a drop in quality.

So what are the overall benefits of a UV system?

1.Save time and money

With UV printing you will find yourself saving time and money in various areas – everything from manpower to savings on resources. Inks are dried instantly, so there is no need for any extra drying equipment and work can be sent for finishing immediately.

2. Quicker turnaround

Make ready will be quicker, and up to colour too. As the substrates are dry as soon as they come off the press, there is no waiting before moving into finishing – even on materials that are traditionally difficult to cure.

3. More Opportunities

Because of the instant drying, you will be able to make use of many different substrates such as uncoated stock, plastic films, foils and metalised papers, some of which you would find difficult to handle on a ‘conventional’ press. Special effects can also be easier to achieve. LED UV systems provide less heat output compared to their mercury lamp counterparts, meaning heat sensitive substrates and uncoated stock can be processed.

4. Saving Energy

You will find that you use significantly less power consumption than other drying systems such as IR, as the lamps need less energy, cutting energy bills. Furthermore the LED systems technology provides even greater energy savings and has lamps with a longer life than their mercury counterparts.

5. Better Quality

Using UV reactive inks provides output that is usually superior when it comes to rub and scratch resistance.

6. UV inks require less wash-up

Working on a conventional press, printers have to wash-up everyday to avoid ink drying on the rollers. With UV inks only drying through a photochemical reaction the press stays cleaner and wash-up is required once every week, saving time and resources.

“We hit the ground running and could not have hoped for better results”