Benford UV is an independent, privately-owned business that specialises in the design and manufacture of UV, IR, and hot-air drying and curing systems for the printing and packaging industries. Serving worldwide, we have been working in the industry for more than 30 years. We are passionate about manufacturing systems that are simple to use, ultra-reliable, easy to maintain, and do the job they are designed for. Based in High Wycombe, in the United Kingdom, we work with clients from around the globe.

Things you need to know and can expect from Benford UV:

  • We are passionate about manufacturing systems that are simple to use, ultra-reliable, easy to maintain and do the job they are designed for.
  • We operate our business in a straightforward manner, we do what we say and want our clients, suppliers and employees to thrive.
  • When you purchase a Benford UV system you gain a partner who offers unrivalled support.
  • We want your UV system to operate at peak performance for many years and, with that in mind me have created our services and spares portal on our website.

Why should I choose a Benford UV system?

Over 30 years’ experience

Benford have been in the UV curing business for over 30 years. During this time we have been installing our UV systems onto sheetfed, web and metal presses. We are the experts in retrofitting (take a look at our installation gallery) and also a chosen supplier for retrofit onto new presses.

The most energy efficient

Our conventional UV, ECO UV (low energy) and LED systems are the most energy efficient in the world by far. At least 10% lower energy costs than other brands.

Fastest warm-up of any system.

Our conventional UV and ECO UV systems warm up 3 times faster than any other manufacturer, saving you time and money.

Unequalled reliability

Our sheetfed and metal systems have no moving parts ensuring stand out reliability and lifespan.

Your partner

Benford’s focus is on providing value for our customers, we are not just going to sell you a system and forget you. We provide two free preventative maintenance service visits from our techs included in the price of the system. Training is also provided for your staff so that your system will run as well in 10 years as it did when first installed.

UV printing experts

We have two very skilled UV printers on our team who have a combined experience of over 35 years. They can stay with your team after installation to train and support.

What can UV do for you?

  • Instantly dry jobs, no need to wait for stacks to dry
  • Fast turn around
  • No more spray powder
  • High-value printing  effects increasing your margins and differentiating you from other printers
  • Print on many new materials including plastics and non-absorbent materials
  • No marking
  • Solvent-free inks, so no release of VOCs, environmentally friendly
  • 90% of our business is generated by word of mouth, which says something about us and our products
  • We are only satisfied when we have exceeded your expectations
  • We are experts in this field, providing systems for over 30 years

Benford Team

Our team is made up of many different nationalities, all with a special area of expertise.

We strongly believe in loving what what you do. Our team members are fully supported in their roles, where they are encouraged to do something they love because life is not a rehearsal.

The Benford UV Story

Benford was founded by Marc Boden having worked within UV industry for many years.

Originally, Marc started working in the late ’80s at Wallace Knight, a UK UV system pioneer and manufacturer. Marc was employed as a service tech, moving into the office of the service department. During the economic downturn, he was made redundant.

But as with many things that happen in life, what initially seems bad turns out for the best.

Marc started his own company servicing all types of UV system and this was the key factor in the success and advanced design of Benford`s products.

Now based in a state of the art factory in southern England, we sell our products world-wide.
Marc, Benford UV

One other major factor has to be mentioned in Benford`s story.

“Somehow or other during my early twenties, I discovered that people are important. Not just some people, but all people and a fundamental part of Benford`s company culture is people enjoy their jobs and their lives. You will find that expresses itself when you deal with us and you will be very pleasantly surprised.”

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