That really depends on the type of system you have and that depends on the type of work you want to do., please contact us to discuss.
It depends on the type of work you want to do, please email and someone will be in touch very quickly to discuss. There is no better type of UV, just the one that’s best for the work you want to do. Example, food packaging needs low migration inks, which rules our LED. Example, a commercial printer, short run 6 colour press with coater? DUAL UV, ECO LED interdecks with ECO UV end of press for coating. Great and widely available coatings with LED inks, super low power system.

The answer is yes you can, we have many customers printing a large proportion of work on plastic.

We also offer a heat sensitive substrate kit for our systems, which lowers heat for very heat sensitive substrates.

18 months parts and labour except consumables, filters, bulbs etc.

In the USA we have a technician on the East coast, one in Midwest and one based in LA, plus Canada based in Toronto. We also have our UK based service and installation team.

But our systems are the most reliable available and we hardly ever have to visa it customer for service. Unlike any other system, we have no moving parts.

Like any piece of equipment, our systems do benefit from regular preventative maintenance servicing and we include in the sale cost, two 6 monthly maintenance service visits from our techs.

We will also train your operators/maintenance team in how to service the system.

When the system is handed over to you, we will provide a hard and PDF copy of our spares book with contact details for ordering spares and lamps easily. One thing to note is our spares and lamp prices are very reasonable.

Please take a look at our reference letters (link) or email us to arrange this.