A printing machine (sheetfed, web, metal decorating etc.) applies a UV ink or coating to the surface of a substrate (paper, plastic, metal etc.) and then passes it under a specially designed ultraviolet drying system (UV) to cure the inks and/or coatings instantly by exposure to UV curing lamps.

Unlike conventional printing, solutions with UV drying systems installed enable printers to easily print directly onto non-absorbent materials like plastics. This technology can also be used in different industrial applications as it allows drying in a fraction of a second with materials like silicones, adhesives and resins.


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UV Curing Lamps

Conventional UV technology uses mercury lamps giving out a much wider spectrum of frequencies. This technology cures all types of UV inks and coatings. Low migration inks are available for this UV technology.

  • Low cost outlay
  • Most flexible UV drying systems
  • Suitable for all types of UV inks and coatings
  • Wide range of economical super high gloss UV coatings available
  • Suitable for packaging and food industry (low migration inks)
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ECO UV Curing Lamps

This low energy UV technology uses special mercury lamps giving out a specific frequency. It must be used in conjunction with low energy inks and coatings (HUV).

  • Lower energy consumption (50-60% less than conventional UV)
  • Lowest cost outlay
  • Low heat emissions, perfect for curing heat sensitive substrates
  • Super high gloss HUV coatings available
  • Suitable too for LED UV inks
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ECO LED UV Systems

UV Curing Systems that use LED UV lamps use the latest UV technology available. These systems must be used in conjunction with LED inks.

  • Lower energy consumption (10-20% less than eco UV) (> 60% less than conventional UV)
  • Instant on – off
  • Long life LED diodes (10-15,000 hours)
  • Low heat emissions, perfect for curing heat sensitive substrates
  • Available in 365, 385, 395 and 405nm versions
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Infrared Drying Systems

Benford’s IR drying system is as infrared drying system that offers a combination of IR (IRH) and hot air all in one lamp head​​.

  • Easily interchangeable. Uses the same platform as all other Benford UV products
  • Suitable for conventional inks and water based coatings
  • Airflow and heat output fully controllable



The applications of a UV system installation are relatively limitless and UV retrofitting is easily achieved with various industry standard processes such as sheet-fed offset, narrow web, wide web, flexo etc. The use of UV has become fairly extensive and vitally important for some common applications like packaging, credit cards, metallised effect, labelling, metal cans or boxes, etc.

  • High value printing effects and sharp colours
  • No marking and consistent print quality
  • Print on plastics and non-absorbent substrate
  • Instantly dry jobs ready to be processed
  • No spray powder
  • Increase of value of printing machine
  • Solvent-free print and varnish systems
  • UV Retrofitting
Benford UV - Ultraviolet Curing Systems for UV Litho Print and Varnish
Benford UV - Advanced Ultraviolet Drying Systems


LED UV printing is a relatively new technology that allows instant drying when used in conjunction with LED inks. LED UV systems can be switched on and off instantly as no cooling times are required. Furthermore, they are made using LED UV lamps with a long-life diodes rated to 10-15,000 hours.

This new technology presents low heat emissions that make it perfect for curing heat sensitive substrates. We produce versions in 365nm, 385nm, 395nm or 405nm, or a combination for more suitable application.

Powerful LED UV lamps for drying and curing from Benford UV


With the future in mind and a commitment to providing the latest technology, Benford has designed the Dual UV™ system. This UV curing system will not only cure standard UV inks, but will also cure the latest Low Energy UV inks that are the future of UV printing and UV system installation.

Unique to Benford, our Dual UV™ system combines two or even three of our UV curing lights, whilst maintaining the ability to interchange units when required, offering great curing flexibility.

Advantages of Benford Dual UV™

  • Can potentially save printers 75% of their energy consumption
  • Quick 2 minute exchange of lamp cassettes at the touch of a button