Have a look at some of our UV curing systems installed onto various web presses

Mark Andy Press with Benford 5 Lamp LED UV System

Roto Web Press with UV LED curing system from Benford UV

Imer Web Press with 2 x LED UV curing system from Benford UV

UV Heidelberg Harris UV Web Press with 2 double web units

Benford UV curing on Web Presses

Testimonials: UV and LED UV Curing Systems for Web Press UV Printing:

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Installation: Benford Web Press UV Curing for Hancho MK18 Press

We wanted to take a second and acknowledge the positive decision we made to retrofit our Hancho MK18 press with your UV system.

We looked at competitive answers and ended up choosing your product. We
are well pleased with the results. We have been running for several years at a
high rate with no issues. The system works and performs as specified by you.

We appreciate the work and appreciate well thought out equipment and systems.

We depend on that.

Dave Landwehr

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Installation: UV curing for Mark Andy P4

In 2021, Warren Packaging partnered with Benford UV with the installation of the LED curing system on our Mark Andy P4 13” label press. Installation of the system went very smoothly, and the training for our team to operate the system was timely, detailed and effective. This has proven to be an excellent system that was overall very easy to transition to for our press operators.

Since installing the LED system approximately 1 year ago, we have achieved our goals of improving production speeds (about 15%), as well as raising our level of print quality.

This has in turn reduced production costs and strengthened our competitive edge in the industry.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with our decision to install the LED curing system, as well as with the partnership and support of Benford UV. We would highly recommend utilizing Benford UV to install this system in order to improve quality and efficiency simultaneously.

Phil Warren II
Vice President, Warren Packaging Inc.