Benford UV Newsletter: September 2022

At Benford UV variety is part of life

We at Benford UV pride ourselves on being an adventurous, entrepreneurial and fun loving company that loves to be challenged. Our customers reflect this, in the many varieties of location, applications, print press manufacturer and ages of the press. We have customers in more than 10 different countries, and this newsletter goes to contacts in 56 countries. There are printing presses from 16 different manufacturers in our customer base, using a variety of our technologies for their press curing systems – I/R, UV and LED UV. These presses print on a variety of different substrates producing a wide array of products,  not just for the print and packaging industry, and includes credit cards and drink cans.

Whilst being proudly British and all our employees being located in the UK,  more than 50% of our employees are not originally from the UK, adding variety, innovation and new perspectives to everyday work. About 75% of the products designed and manufactured at our UK premises in High Wycombe, are exported overseas.

We would love to hear if you have any current requirements for UV systems for your printing operations, please contact us at

Benford UV Website

There has been some additional  and  more recent  testimonials added to our website. We have more than 20 written testimonials from our customers going back to 2013 and covering many different environments and applications. More of these to come in the months ahead to showcase the wide variety of installations mentioned in the previous article.

We have also started a News page on our website, with a variety of light hearted blogs covering customer stories, general company news  and some different perspectives on our industry and technology. You will continue to find detail on our advanced technologies and applications on our website, as well as galleries of pictures on work done with printing presses from some of the main manufacturers.  Please go to to find any of the above information.

Our customers and the relationships we have with them are very important to us, if any customers or agents have any stories of interest please  contact us with your ideas, at

Brighter, Greener, Cleaner

A couple of months back FlexoTech published an article on-line on Aztec Label, one of our customers, which made for interesting reading. It highlights another happy customer experiencing better performance, better quality and up to 60% less energy than a conventional ultra violet drying system.This  is gaining increasing attention in print operations, both because of the costs of energy and also to improve their GREEN credentials . To see more on this story see the link below

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