If you’re looking for a supplier to design, build, install and maintain a UV curing system for your printing solution, choosing the correct partner can proove invaluable.

Benford UV have clients that we supply and support UV curing systems to all over the world, particularly in the UK, USA and Canada.

Please read through some of the testimonials some of our clients have kindly taken the time to write for us. We are confident that our UV curing systems perform to an unrivalled level and we are therefore happy to share the details of many of our satisfied clients to prove our credentials.

Benford UV: 30 years providing UV curing systems for commercial and industrial printing solutions.

UV curing lamps - Benford's installation team

Client: Mainline Printing
Location: Kansas, USA
Contact: John J. Parker, Jr., Chief Operating Officer
Solution: 5 Lamp UV curing system for Komori GLX841 Advance

Mainline Printing Logo

In February 2023 we installed a new Komori GL 841 Advanced press with a Benford UV system. This is our second Benford UV system. Benford has been a long-time partner for Mainline and we highly recommend their equipment and expertise. We have been pleased with each unit’s performance, operating cost, and excellent customer support and problem solving from the Benford staff. Their systems perform well, are durable, and are operator friendly.

Client: NEPA Carton & Carrier Co, Inc
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Contact: Bruce Beck, Pressroom Supervisor
Solution: UV curing system for KBA 145

Benford UV recently finished an install on our 2020 KBA 145 6 color + coating, non-UV machine. Being hesitant about adding it to the machine, I was sceptical about it. After meeting the team, my mind was put at ease, citing their professionalism and expertise.

Our package consisted of three LED UV lamps that could be moved to any unit, and two HUV lamps in the delivery. The install and interface went as easily as they had stated with minimal downtime. Training was thorough and the system is easy to use. I would recommend using Benford for all your UV needs. Thank you and your team for making this a pleasurable experience.

Client: Phoenix Color
Location: Maryland, USA
Contact: Christopher Strine
Solution: UV Curing Systems for 2 color Heidelberg CD 102

Phoenix Color Logo

In May of 2019 Benford installed a UV system on our 2 color Heidelberg CD 102.The system was ordered and delivered in a short time frame. The installation went off without a hitch and only in 2 days! Training was simple and the operation system itself is very basic and user friendly.

We replaced a Graphic’s 2 interdeck and 3 EOP UV light system with a Benford 1 interdeck and 2 EOP light system due to much down time and UV lamps always blowing. We have been running 24/7 for the past 6 months with only one UV light change due to hours. There hasn’t been any issues with drying, lamp life or system errors. Benford supplied and went over an easy maintenance program which we follow routinely which keeps the system in great shape.

In May 2020 we have installed our 2nd Benford Hybrid UV system on a CD 102 2/2 perfector with a coater. This press was installed with 2 LED lamps in unit 2 and 4 and 2 EOP UV lamps in delivery to dry coatings. Again we had a flawless install even during the world pandemic with very happy results. Install was quick and all retro fits to press looked excellent.

I would highly recommended the Benford to replace any system that causes you lost production time, Their team is highly motivated and respond to every request very quickly. Great company, great team!

Client: Ravi
Location: Gujarat, India
Contact: Anil Patel, Director
Solution: UV Curing Systems for RMGT920

Ravi Printers Logo

This is to inform that we have installed “The Benford Dual UV System” along with our new “RMGT920” in July 2017. Since the installation we have had trouble free operation of the “UV System” which includes both UV and HUV lamps. The system is very user friendly, easy to use control panel, and the lamps can be moved very easily from one interdeck to another. We are especially pleased with the “Quick cool feature” due to its efficiency. Another excellent feature is the heat up, and cool down times which are quite quick. The lower power consumption also contributes to the device being environmentally friendly, eventually leading to earning carbon credit brownies. All the above mentioned features combined with excellent after all service makes us a happy and satisfied customer. We thank the team at Benford UV for their professionalism, efficiency & excellent services.

Client: Fry Communications Inc.
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Contact: Dave Landwehr
Solution: UV curing system for Hancho MK18 press

Fry Communications Logo

I wanted to take a second and acknowledge the positive decision we made to retrofit our Hancho MK18 press with your UV system.

We looked at competitive answers and ended up choosing your product. We are well pleased with the results. We have been running for several years at a high rate with no issues. The system works and performs as specified by you.

I appreciate the work and appreciate well thought out equipment ant systems. We depend on that.

Client: Mittera
Location: Colorado, USA
Contact: Joe Winnike, Director of Operations
Solution: UV curing system for Komori offset press

December 2022 brought about an exciting opportunity for Mittera Group to add to our capabilities in the Denver Colorado facility.

We had the pleasure of utilizing Benford UV systems to install a UV Coating system on our offset press. The addition of these UV capabilities has been a desire of the facility for some time and the anxiety of installing them was high. That anxiousness left almost immediately after involving Marc Boden as he and the Benford team brought calm professionalism that put confidence in Mittera that this would be the best solution to our UV needs. They were able to install the system quickly and effectively and trained the press operators all within a single week. Communication throughout the entire process was great and the experience felt like a true white glove service for all involved.

Today we are running our press utilizing the UV systems with great success and are thrilled with the results. Benford is owed an immense amount of credit for our current and coming successes with UV printing.

Client: Pr1mary Color
Location: California, USA
Contact: Ed Philips, Print Division Manager
Solution: UV Curing Systems for Heidelberg XL 106 10 color perfector with a double coater

Pr1mary Logo

Primary Color recently purchased a Heidelberg XL 106 10 color perfector with a double coater. After much research we decided to go with Benford to supply the UV components for the press. We decided on a unique configuration using a combination of Benfords LED, ECOUV and conventional mercury vapor lamps in the coaters. We are not new to UV printing however this is our first experience with LED.

We definitely made the right decision. The equipment is robust and fits well with the press. The installation was flawless and the techniques were spot on. We hit the ground running and have not stopped. We are getting perfect curing on material from coated or uncoated paper to rigid vinyl and other plastics. Simple to operate, trouble free and extremely competitive on price. We could not have hoped for a better result. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into or increase their presence in the UV market take a hard look at Benford. We recommend them with no reservations.

Client: JS McCarthy Printers
Location: Maine, USA
Contact: Jonathan Tardiff, Vice President
Solution: UV curing system for Komori LS840

J.S McCarthy Printers Logo

June of 2015, Benford installed a Dual UV System on our Komori LS840 and we have been very happy with the system. The installation of the system was handled professionally and completed in a timely manner. We had requested that the installation of the system be completed before we entered our summer & fall busy periods and Benford executed flawlessly under a tight timeline.

With out system, we have three print units with ECO UV lamps inter decked and one ECO UV lamp in the delivery along with a Dual UV lamp. This configuration gives us the flexibility we were looking for along with the ability to cure regular UV coatings. The system has operated trouble free and we have been very impressed with the life of the UV bulbs. The design of the UV system is simple and operator friendly. The user interface is easy to navigate and the operator learning curve is very minimal.

I would highly recommend the system to anyone looking to convert an existing press to HUV or UV. Benford’s expertise and professionalism was evident throughout the entire installation process, and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Client: Ellis PaperBox Inc
Location: Ontario, Canada
Contact: Brett Rogers, Plant Manager
Solution: UV curing system for Komori GL40

The Ellis Group Logo

We had the Benford Dual UV System installed with our new Komori GL40, in October of 2014. Since then we have had trouble free operation of our UV system, which employs both UV and HUV lamps. This is a very user friendly system, easy to use control panel, and the actual lamps move very easily from one interdeck to another. We’re especially pleased with the Quick Cool feature, as it works very well. Generally, the heat up, and cool down times are quite quick. All of these features have made for a system that we feel makes operation far quicker, and simpler than any previous systems we have used.

Service has been excellent as well. The team at Benford UV has always been professional, efficient, knowledgeable and very helpful, ensuring to stop by when they are “in the neighbourhood”.

Client: Gold Letter Packaging and Printing Ind. Ltd
Location: Netanya, Israel 
Contact: R Ackerman, Managing Director
Solution: Benford UV curing lamps 

Goldletter Packaging Solutions Logo

Since the installation of the Benford UV system onto our press, we have had hardly any problems with the system and the one that we did have was easily resolved by us following contact with Benford.

The system operates with very little need for maintenance and we have found it to be very reliable. It also cures as expected.

We have also found replacement lamps from Benford to be available at a very reasonable price.

Client: HBP
Location: Virginia, USA
Contact: John Snyder
Solution: Komori LS840P 40-inch perfecting press

HBP Ideas Logo

In March 2019 Benford installed a UV curing system on our Komori LS840P 40-inch perfecting press. The system installation was coordinated to immediately follow the installation of the press. The installation and training were fast and easy and the Benford system is very user friendly.

After running the system for 3 months and being impressed with the results, we asked Benford to retrofit our Komori LS40 6-color with the same system. We configured the system with 4 light cassettes and several positions where we could place them in the press t omatch the requirements of the job.

We have been pleased with the results from these systems, the operating cost, and the excellent support from the staff at Benford.

I would highly recommend the Benford UV system as an addition or replacement when UV curing is your goal.

Client: Label-Form
Location: Berkshire, UK
Contact: Steve Oliver
Solution: UV Curing Systems for Letterpress and Flex machines

Label-Form Logo

Label-form Ltd have worked with Marc Boden of Benford UV for at least the last 8 years, and we have had two of his UV systems on our Letterpress and Flex machines.

Over these times we have had very few problems with the units and have always had a quick response on the rare occasions we required technical back up.

I have no hesitation in recommending Benford UV as a trusted supplier.

Client: Somerset Graphics Co. Ltd
Location: Ontario, Canada
Contact: Rick Murphy
Solution: UV Curing Systems for Komori SX29

Somerset Logo

We have been running with the Benford UV (dual UV system) on our new Komori SX29 since the summer of 2013. Since the installation we have found the system easy to operate and maintain.

The Benford team has been very professional and helpful. Using both systems allows us to be very versatile in our day to day operation.

The Benford system has been an upgrade from previous systems used!