UV Curing Systems for RMGT Ryobi Mitsubishi Printing Presses

UV retrofitting a conventional UV or LED UV curing system to your RMGT Ryobi Mitsubishi printing press offers many benefits to boost your productivity and profits.

No more need for spray powder, you can print on any substrate and dry sheets immediately. Ultra efficient LED UV and conventional UV curing lamps save power compared to IR dryers leaving no marking of sheets and bright colors.

LED UV offset printing or UV offset printing will transform your business. The time has come for UV cured printing.

Benford offer the low power consumption, solid state advanced technology. An extremely reliable and fully supported solution for RMGT Ryobi Mitsubishi printing presses.

Things have changed.


We have experience offering UV, HUV and LED UV retrofits for numerous RMGT Ryobi Mitsubishi printing press machines, including:

  • RMGT 11
  • RMGT 10
  • RMGT 9
  • RMGT 8
  • RMGT 6
  • RMGT 5
  • Mitsubishi Diamond
  • Mitsubishi Diamond 3000
  • Mitsubishi Diamond 4000
  • Mitsubishi Diamond 2000

Regardless of your chosen printing system, our focus is not just on the  manufacture of the best UV & IR curing systems on the market. Our mission is to provide our customers complete support throughout the entire process. Customer satisfactory is what drives us.

We now have over 30 years’ experience in the UV curing industry, so we are confidently able to advise our customers , to help choose the best UV curing solution for their needs, and guide them on all the required changes to fully benefit from the new UV technology.

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Some of our UV curing systems fitted to RMGT Presses

We’ve documented some of our work below. We would also recommend reading what some of our happy customers have had to say about our UV curing systems and our services on our Testimonials page.

Benford UV curing installation on a RMGT 925 printing press

Testimonials: UV and LED UV Curing Systems for RMGT presses:

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Installation: HUV and UV curing systems for an RMGT920

This is to inform that we have installed “The Benford Dual UV System” along with our new “RMGT920” in July. Since the installation we have had over a year of trouble free operation of the “UV Curing Lamps” which includes both HUV and UV curing lamps. The system is very user friendly, easy to use control panel, and the lamps can be moved very easily from one interdeck to another. We are especially pleased with the “Quick cool feature” due to its efficiency. Another excellent feature is the heat up, and cool down times which are quite quick. The lower power consumption also contributes to the device being environmentally friendly, eventually leading to earning carbon credit brownies. All the above mentioned features combined with excellent after all service makes us a happy and satisfied customer. We thank the team at Benford UV for their professionalism, efficiency & excellent services.


Anil Patel, Director
Ravi Printers 4/7, BIDC Estate, Gorwa Road, Gorwa, Vadodara – 390016, Gujarat, INDIA